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Launcher and FS2_open crash at startup under XP


I've got FS2_open to work just fine in Linux, but I also wanted to get it to work under XP.... as of now I have all the files from the installer downloaded to my freespace2 install directory (i.e. launcher, .exes, .vp) when I start the launcher, the launcher crashes with the "would you like to send this crash info to MS box".. if I startup up fs2_open directly, the log complains about seg-faulting in openal.dll... on the other hand, from Linux I have symbolic links set to the .vps, etc and fs2_open works just fine (pretty effects sound, movies, sound).. so it is safe to assume the placement of the files is ok, but under XP (SP2) fs2_open just dies... anyone have an idea why the launcher is not even starting up?

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updating the openal dll's fixed both the launcher and the game crashing at startup... I guess the launcher tried to access the openAL32.dll too...

The XP launcher should have been popping up a warning saying that it couldn't find OpenAL but I guess you must have had v1.0 installed and confused it.


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