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Project Wingman, an Ace combat-y flight sim has a playable 1-mission alpha demo.

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I would say, these kind of Games has more in common with FreeSpace than with Flight Simulations ;).

Even i say, that games like Freespace and Ace Combat are more like First Person Shooters with 3 dimensions than anything else.

Ace Combat is called "Call of Duty, but with planes" for a reason ^^.

Actually, one of the Ace Combat clones back then, the Deadly Skies/Airforce Delta series actually had some space missions aswell... there are not very different to Freespace.

Games like Freespace and Tie Fighter are extremely serious simulations of Star Wars space battles with their silly physics. That's why even if the flight model has nothing to do with reality they still have 100+ keybinds, a somewhat complex wingman command system(definitely more complex than AC's hat-based one), and plot-based stories where you and everyone you ever fly with are completely replaceable.

Meanwhile Ace Combat and its followers aren't really serious about anything. The characters and stories are pure cheese and the games are easy to learn and easy to master.

They might seem similar on the surface but their core gameplay loop is very different.

The old school 'space sim' genre really sits in a weird middle ground between real simulators and arcade games. They've got a simulator approach to totally arcade physics. Of course you can have an ace-combat type game in space(like strike suit zero) and those are more popular than old-school space sims nowadays.

The E:

--- Quote from: Novachen on June 03, 2018, 11:06:55 am ---Ace Combat is called "Call of Duty, but with planes" for a reason ^^.

--- End quote ---

A description that only barely fits Assault Horizon. The other games, especially the "holy trilogy" of AC4, 5 and Zero, are really nowhere near CoD in tone or style.

Yeah, the comparison with CoD is only really valid in the broadest sense possible. Ace Combat's core gameplay loop is about managing speed and turning to get your target in view while always staying mobile to dodge missiles.
CoD's core gameplay loop is about pointing and clicking on popping up heads while staying stationary in cover. AC's stories are mostly cheesy and anti-war and centred around ridiculous superweapons, CoD's stories are taking themselves more seriously, pro-war(or neutral at best), and centred around some ridiculous radical group that wants to **** over the US specifically.

Det. Bullock:
I finally tried the demo, it was a lot of fun.
Also fully rebindable controls with possibility to set deadzones and curves if someone wishes to, with a separate menu to rebind movement axis to basically anything you want.
Looking forward to the full game.


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