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HLPX-COM: You're All Dying For Your Planet, Right Here!

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--- Quote from: Darius on April 20, 2012, 05:35:52 am ---Cool. I can wear aviator glasses and say things like "We're in the pipe, 5 by 5. Where's the damn beacon? Oh I see it."

--- End quote ---

Hooray! They we can both get mauled by a horrible alien, and generally ruin everything for everyone else by crashing spectacularly!

All in all; a rich, full day. :)

Here to enlist to serve my planet, sir!  :lol: Guess you always need for redshirts.

You can put me down for a spot making useless suggestions to the coders assault team from the back of the forums Skyranger.

...Oh, wait.  That would mean I don't do anything, right?  Well, rather than submitting to Rev_Posix's tender mercies, gimme a rifle.  Got any M-16A4s with the ACOG scope?  If not, iron sights will do.  No three-round burst for me, just single-shot: two in the chest, one in the head.

OK, enough of the bravado drivel.  :nervous: :lol: Put me where you want when you need more bodies. :nod:

I was greatly amused that while I was reading this, the song ghost division came up on my place list. Exactly as I read this line
--- Quote ---The cowardly creature takes the second round between the shoulderblades and topples forward, messily slain. At this point Spoon is far and away the best tank driver I've ever seen in an X-Com game, having taken not one, but two reaction shots in the same turn. And hit with both.
--- End quote ---
the song started going
"They are the Panzer Elite, Born to compete, Never retreat"

Hell yeah mother****er  :yes:

Let us drink a toast in celebration to our first victory

Oh, next time keep the fire away from the 'Ranger people, unless you all want to walk home. That's what the tank's for!


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