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General Battuta:
could people please read the announcements threads that explain why this is the way it is  :blah:

i am so totally certain Sandwich is aware of this and as it does not qualify as a showstopper he specifically asked that people just hush and wait

Yup :) He already changes quite a few minor things within the last 12 hours, step by step. It's now nearly the good old theme again :)

After years of Mobius posts I just auto-skipped those anyway :P

Unknown Target:
Stickying this so any niggling forum complaints have a place to be, instead of having multiple threads.

Can we also change the blue thread title text to something a bit more readable? :)

Very obscure but here with the highlights.  They appear fine but if you go to the member list, then go to page 2 you get a really old list.  It doesn't matter how the posts are sorted.  Yes I've cleared my cache.  The first page has the same highlights as the main forum page.  I just tied page 3 and another different list came up.


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