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Liked Rogue Squadron Games for GameCube? Read This
I enjoy playing the Rogue Squadron games for the old GameCube... well, less so Rebel Strike.  I have a copy of both, and one of the first-generation Wii systems that are compatible with GC games & hardware.  Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I decided to play some, and found that my Wii won't take disks anymore.  I was wondering if there was any kind of port for the game hanging around, so today I did a few searches and came up with not only an emulator for Wii/GameCube, but actual graphical enhancements for it!  I'm able to play it in 1080p!

The emulator is called Dolphin.  It requires you to have an iso of the game, and if you look through their FAQ and forums, they tell you how to lift the image off your disc.  The easiest way (apparently) is to install some special software on your Wii that (I believe) transfers it to a memory card, that you then insert into your computer.  Well, since my Wii won't take discs, and since I ALREADY have a copy of the game, as far as I'm concerned any "alternate" free method I use to get an iso is totally OK... *cough*BitTorrent*cough*.  So I found said iso file, followed the instructions, and after a bit of trial and error with their launcher, I got it to work.  It stutters a bit at times, but the documentation suggest that there are further methods of smoothing it out.  I also still need to tweak the controls, since I'm trying to play it with a Thrustmaster T-16000, but it DOES work.

If anyone wants to fell the nostalgia of that game, take a look.
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