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The story of Reunion continues from the viewpoint of Lieutenant Alex Miller, a rookie GTVA officer assigned to patrol the newly discovered systems beyond Laramis. Miller’s combat unit, stationed on the GTCv Warsaw, enter the uncharted LHS 288 system just as the Alliance opens the Olympus subspace portal in Delta Serpentis.

Unaware of the disaster unfolding a few systems away, Miller and his team soon find themselves in a lonely, desperate and chaotic world. The inexperienced officer will have to rapidly build up his leadership abilities to survive the ensuing collapse.

Even as the Terran and Vasudan species are facing the return of their greatest nemesis, shadowy political figures seek to exploit the disaster to their own advantage, forcing Miller to make difficult decisions.

______________________________________________________________ ____________

Like Act 1, Reunion Act 2: Apocalypse draws upon the vast creative talent the Freespace 2 modding community has amassed over the years, introducing a wide variety of new ships, skins and weapons, some entirely unique to this mod.

Special care was given to implement the community feedback the first installment received into Act 2, so the new chapter introduces an overall more balanced gameplay, better ship mechanics, improved characters and storytelling and save / load features.

The Reunion campaign now includes:
     ○   25 new missions.
     ○   2 endings for Act 1, 3 endings for Act 2.
     ○   More than 50 new ships, installations and stellar objects.
     ○   A dozen new weapons, most of them never before seen in any other mod.
     ○   A dynamic plot with interesting and diverse characters.
     ○   Epic music and custom skyboxes.

Full credits are listed in the mod's root folder, it will also be listed at the end of the campaign once it is fully complete.

______________________________________________________________ ____________

Reunion is a lore-friendly, story-driven Freespace 2 campaign with fast-paced fighter combat and epic capital ship battles. The mod aims to capture the look and feel of the original Freespace franchise, providing new content with a sense of authenticity.

The main campaign is set 12-13 years after the Capella incident, as the GTVA is nearing the conclusion of its gate construction effort in Delta Serpentis. The Alliance couldn't quite recover from the second Shivan incursion, stretching its resources thin in an effort to both rebuild its fleet and find a way back to Earth.

Reunion is different from other campaigns of a similar theme in that it is not centered around the theme of exploring Sol, but is heavily focused on the internal politics of the GTVA and the social problems the Alliance faces after the Capella incident. As thus, a high degree of attention was given to craft Reunion’s story in a way that it is full of scheming, plot twists and political intrigue.

For more information, please visit the release thread of Act 1.

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______________________________________________________________ ____________

Q: How do I install Act 2?
A: Act 2 is not a standalone mod, but an update to the Reunion mod file released earlier. If you have Reunion already installed, you only need to update it in Knossos. If you don't have it downloaded, please use the links provided in the thread or the Knossos installer.

Q: Can I play Act 2 without finishing Act 1 (again)?
A: Yes, Act 2 is accessible from the campaign selection room as a standalone campaign. It is however, recommended to go through Act 1 even if you finished it earlier, as many things have been modified since the initial release.

Q: Why did Act 2’s development take so long?
A: Aside personal reasons, the mod is in an overall much more refined state than Act 1 was, when it was released. It is also longer, offering an altogether 15 playable missions (out of which you’ll go through 12-13 depending on your decisions), whereas Act 1 had only 10.

Q: Still no GTVA-Earth war?
Spoiler:A: No.
Q: Why does the Act 2 of Reunion carry on from the viewpoint of a different protagonist?
Spoiler:A: One of the possible endings of Act 1 is that the previous protagonist, Captain Simmons, dies.
Q: I would like to explore a different ending, how do I do that?
A: For now, only by replaying Reunion – Act 2 or tweaking the mission files.

Q: I found a bug or have a suggestion! Where can I make a report?
A: If you encounter any bugs not listed in the "more to come" section, please contact me either via a private message or post in this thread. Please do the same if you have any suggestions with which this campaign could be improved. I am very grateful for any feedback I can get and I made sure to implement as much of the feedback I got for Act 1 as I could into Act 2 as well..

Q: When will Act 3 be released?
A: No exact timetable yet.

______________________________________________________________ ____________

Even though the first two acts of Reunion are now playable, improvements are still planned for both the currently released missions and Act 3 as well.

Long term plans include the addition of:
     ○   Act 3
     ○   Improved HUD
     ○   Custom mainhall and briefing animations
     ○   End credits cutscene
     ○   Full character voiceovers
     ○   Custom fonts
     ○   Better tech descriptions
     ○   Correction of potential grammar and spelling mistakes

While the development continues, do not hesitate to give feedback! Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

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Congratulations :]. It's actually very reasonable timeframe for Act 2 development, and you've made it further then majority of mod projects on HLP with 2 released acts. Including both of mine...

I'll give it a try at the first, free moment I get.


--- Quote from: Nyctaeus on April 07, 2022, 01:11:19 pm ---Congratulations :]. It's actually very reasonable timeframe for Act 2 development, and you've made it further then majority of mod projects on HLP with 2 released acts. Including both of mine...

I'll give it a try at the first, free moment I get.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! Also, thanks again for your assets and I wish you luck on your projects! :)

Looking forward to your feedback!

I'll give this a try in about a week or so (I usually wait that long after a campaign releases to try it...just in case any quick updates/fixes are released) but I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm looking forward to playing this :nod::yes:


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