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[FotG Update] May the 4th 2022
Happy Star Wars Day! As part of May the Fourth, all of us at Fate of the Galaxy want to share what we have been working on this spring (new ships, visual updates, fixes/optimizations, and more).

Progress Highlights
  • Added the GR-75 Medium Transport (thanks Limbert!). This is a ship FotG has wanted to have since the beginning, and it's terrific to finally have it in game. 
  • Updated weapon fail sounds to play when weapons are locked to provide improved audio feedback to player (thanks Kiloku!).
  • Added ARC-170 Starfighter (model and texture by DarkVisor). The ship can be tuned for various mission roles and expands the usage of retrofitted ships for privateer and bounty hunter missions. 
  • Added Gozanti variant for Pirates and Republic to use (model and texture by DarkVisor). The Pirate version has augmented/expanded engines along with retrofitted external cargo bays, while the Republic version has additional sensor equipment. Both have updated textures to match their respective roles.
  • Added new freeze-game key, F12, which allows the player to freeze the game and still use camera controls (such as external view, HUD toggle, etc). This allows players to more easily take screenshots. 
  • Updated asteroid field object textures with all new texture sets, including reflect maps.
  • Updated our custom shaders to improve the overall visual look of Fate of the Galaxy. For example, HUD gauges have no large glow while hyperspace has a bit more glow. Also, shadows within cockpits are more dramatic without sacrificing ambient lighting, and FotG lighting even looks better on machines that do not use post-processing (previously if post-processing was off ships became far too glittery). 
  • Added voice acting for multiple pirate ship captains and a pirate ship commander.
  • Added substantial updates and bugfixes to Project Alderaan.
  • Updated all non-turret animations to the new animation code. This has excellent bonuses of allowing sounds to play during animations, more easily triggering animations via SEXP for mission designers, and fixing animations to properly work during dock and undock wing sequences.
  • Updated many other scripts to improve QoL and take advantage of recent FSO optimizations.
  • Fixed RTT cockpit gauges not transferring when `change-ship-class` sexp used. Now FREDers can effectively use that sexp, which opens many unique mission possibilities.
  • Fixed many, many minor bugs, which would be much too long to list. 

Community Connections
We also would like to highlight all the fantastic work continually being done with FSO. For example, FSO Stable 22.0 has finally been released, ngld has been posting regular progress on nuKnossos, Cyborg has been able to jump back into working on interpolation code updates for multiplayer, and EatThePath (recently promoted to SCP dev) continues his quest of optimizations and lighting improvements. There’s of course many other devs (z64555, Goober, and Lafiel just to name a few) adding great fixes, features, and other enhancements.

Moving Forward
For folks who want to see a bit more frequent FotG updates, feel free to join our Discord channel where we post most of our informal progress:

As always, thank you all for your support and enthusiasm! We keep getting closer and closer to meeting our final milestones for a public release. Once those goals are met and polished, we will be extremely excited to share the game with everyone. In the meantime, here are some shots of new craft and updated lighting. May the Force be with you!

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Re: [FotG Update] May the 4th 2022
Cool! So how about a release date ;)?


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Re: [FotG Update] May the 4th 2022
Alas our policy is to not publicize an actual release date since this is a volunteer team, but work continues steadily, including fixes, updates and addition of yet another OT ship.  :)