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How to upload your stuff...


1. Get an account at FileHO!  (Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited file size, and no time limit.)  -- Don't forget to activate the account, if you can't see the email, check your Spam or Bulk folder in your email.
2. Get FileZilla, a free Open Source FTP client.
3. Login to FileHO!, click on "Main", then click on "My FTP account"
    -take note of the site for FTP:

--- Quote ---*If you want to use your FTP client, connect to with your login and password. After uploading complete get links in your account.
--- End quote ---
Now, in FileZilla, enter the site (eg, username, and password, hit "Quickconnect".
-You can now create folders in your FTP directory, and drag & drop from the local tree view on the left.

--Of course, I'm sure most of you already know of this, but for those who don't...
---Also, if anyone has better sites / programs, please post 'em!  :D
EDIT: And yes, Download Accelerators / Managers such as FDM do work.

SmartFTP or the FireFTP plugin for Firefox are both alternatives to FileZilla if people prefer them.  The FireFTP extension is actually a really handy one to have anyway.

I've got that one.. guess I could've used it, but I forgot I had it ::)


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