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Squadwar will return one day. Get your suggestions in now.

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The infamous Squadwar will be returning to FS2 at some point.  This thread is for the discussion of features and fixes you would like to see.  I've already started a list so I'm posting it. 

Can't hit the no-show until the scheduled match time.  People used this because they didn't like match times.  If I remember correctly the attacking team gave the defenders a choice of 2 times.  Not sure what could be done here but the old system resulted in locked matches that would take forever to clear.

Locked up entry points.  Basically you could only enter from an entry node.  As time went on and the better squads started taking over the map new and weaker squads were unable to challenge.  The locked matches really made this a problem.

Team limits.  Another thing people started taking advantage of was creating multiple squads with virtually the same players.  This way they could make more challenges and control more entry nodes.  A limit on the number of squads a person can belong to would help.  2 would be more then enough.  I'd actually prefer one.  Of course there isn't a reason why a person couldn't be on a different squad if his normal squad doesn't participate in a particular league.

Event logs and outcome sent to file and FS2netD.  This would make it easy to resolve arguments and locked matches due to stats not saving.  The old method was print screens and email. For file some sort of security would be needed to keep people from editing them.

Expired matches.  Some way of making the teams that don't play matches suffer the consequences.  The old system had some sort of limit on when matches could be scheduled but I can't remember what it was.  Again the big problem was the no-show.  Another was the ability to play before the scheduled time.  Well not the scheduled time but the minimum allowed time before the next match.  Since we know when people log in we could actually check the no-show with who is on.  If only one team shows we award the node.  If neither team shows and no reschedule is selected both loose their nodes.

Reschedule.  Like no-show it was abused.  If a squad didn't like a time for any reason they would just hit reschedule button immediately.  Usually they would hit both no-show and reschedule.  A limit on the time to reschedule should be enforced as should the maximum of reschedules.

"Node swapping"  A practice where 2 squads with an alliance exchange nodes in order to get multiple attacks on another squad.  They would just play a couple of dummy matches that were thrown.  Should be banned.

Bigger node map:  Gives more teams a chance.  Would cut down on the entry node problem as well.

Exe file validation.  Something new since it's open source now.  Need a way to make sure someone didn't change the program to make it easier for them to win.  (probably not going to happen but it's here just for the record)

Mission selection.  Most of the matches in Squadwar were played in either NWTR or one of the Gannys.  One squad in particular like using the nebula one because it gave a great advantage to the host.  Now this might not be the case with the fixes but I always thought it would be neat if the mission was determined by the nodes.  Say a node (A) is connected to 3 other nodes (X,Y,Z).  An attack from node X on node A would always be NWTR.  An attack from node Y on node A would always be MT-07.  Node Z on node A MT-13.  Just distribute the missions randomly based on the number of lines connecting the nodes times 2.

A subset of validated missions that are valid for squadwar.  So basically you can't just choose any old validated TvT mission it will need to be one with even stricter validation standards to be allowed for squadwar.  (already in the works)

yay , all the above and can we have it tomorrow?

but seriously what is the limit to how many ppl in each squad?

Not sure but I bet changing it breaks pilot files :)

I don't think there was a limit to number of people in a squad.  The only restriction was there had to be at least 2 people. 

From the code it looks like:
2 teams
1 player minimum on each team
4 players max on each team

Changing any of that would only affect retail SW compatibility, but since I have no intention of keeping the rewrite compatible I don't why that should be an issue. ;)


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