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3.6.18 Multiplayer Setup, Schedule, and other Info V0.9 CURRENT AS OF Aug 19TH

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Bulletin!: Get FreeSpace Open 3.6.18 Final Inferno, Older builds are obsolete!

FreeSpace 2 Multiplayer

Welcome! You've come to the right place for any and all info regarding playing multiplayer on any FreeSpace Open game, Including The Babylon Project, FreeSpace Port, Diaspora and others. A few things to keep in mind before posting a new thread (partially stolen from a certain Sith):

* Read the below posts to see if your query is addressed.
* Search the forum for other threads on your problem. The search box works now.
* This board is NOT for general FSO support, this is the Multiplayer Board. Ask on the Support Board for general questions.
* If your question isn't addressed below, MSN isn't a viable option. Try our friendly full-time staff on the HLP IRC channel. Click here, select a name, and go ask. Look for your solution here first.

Getting Ready - Setting up FreeSpace Open Multiplayer will take about 10 minutes, read here to find out how.
Schedule/Let's Play! - A schedule of weekly multiplayer games plus what to do if you want to get one going ad spontaneum.
Tips and Extras - Dedicated to gaming tips as well as info about other topics, Ventrillo, the (currently obsolete) Game Viewer, stuff that won't fit anywhere else.
Troubleshooting/Support - Having trouble? Can't find an answer? Found a bug? Go here.
Standalone Servers - How to set up your own dedicated standalone (no host input required) server. Have an old PC around? Put it to good use!

Getting Ready

So you want to become an ace, do you? Get ready for lots of fun.

There are only a few steps to joining your first game, and you only have to set up once.

Step 1

Your old PXO account won't work anymore, you need to register an FS2Net account to play. Register here. Once you've registered, click the link in the activation email to activate your account. *Note please use lowercase only for username as there may be a problem.  We are investigating. 

Step 2
Making sure your client is in a position to play multi 'validly'.

Firstly, multi is an environment where the clients, and host have to be somewhat in sync, if they're not all sorts of funny things can happen.
3.6.12MVPs are currently validated with the updates, although this may change, either they, or no mods, should be used if you wish to earn medals, ranks or work well with the other people playing multi.
Many people miss this patch; this is basically a retail-released patch by volition that's required for multi validation whether you're using the MVPs or not.
Also, it is of great importance that you have a clean FreeSpace 2, install.

Step 3
The Files

You need the multiplayer mission pack and optionally the voice pack, download them. Put them in /FreeSpace2 (your main directory). Next get FreeSpace Open 3.6.18 Inferno Final and the Launcher 5.5g. Extract these files from the .ZIP archives and put these in your main FreeSpace 2 directory as well. Open up the launcher and select the fs2_open_3_6_16.exe or similar version you just downloaded (Click "Browse"):

Alternatively, check the Nightlies forum,

Step 4
(Optional) Forwarding Your Ports

In order to host a game (and only to host), you need to forward ports 7808 and 7117 (TCP and UDP) on your router or firewall. You need an exception for FSO in your firewall (the .EXE and not the Launcher). This can be done in the router configuration page, the address should be 192.168.x.x. Your firewall should have a page for exception settings.

Step 5
The Launcher

Open the Launcher now (make sure that you have 5.5f), and open the "Network" tab. It should look like this:

Make sure that you select your connection speed and such, but DO NOT TOUCH THE BOTTOM BOXES! Make sure that you have no MODs selected under the mod tab (unless you know what you're doing) and don't check any boxes under Multiplayer on the Features tab.

Press "Apply" and then "Run", and you're almost there!

Step 6
Ingame Settings

Once you've opened up the game, create a multiplayer pilot:

Press enter once you type in the name and go to the options screen:

Change the stuff to match that in the boxes, it should already match the rest of the page.
The only thing that should be altered, is if you are a client on a host who doesn't have a fast connection (read; 1.5-2mbit up+), is that your object update should be set to medium or low instead.
Hosts, should always be set to high.

Step 7
Playing a Game

Now you're ready to play! Remember that games are not always on, there aren't going to be people online at every hour of the day, go see if anyone on IRC wants to play.

Click on the big red door in the middle of the screen (Labeled "Multiplayer") and you'll be brought to this screen:

The "Web Ranking" and "Pilot Info" buttons are used to find out where you stand among other pilots and the "Channels" dialog at the top is rarely used as there aren't enough players. Look to see what channel people are on. (NOTE: This does not include people ingame, only in the lobby)

Click on the "Games" button th the bottom-right to go to thge following screen:

None of those servers have players! That's strange! That's because they are dedicated servers, run by our own FUBAR. They are constantly running and anyone can join, joining sets the game in motion. Note that some of them have bracketed text (FSPort-MVPs, etc.). This means that they are running mods such as FreeSpace Port or the MediaVPs, you'll need to select the right folder from the "MOD" tab of the launcher before you join the game. It's best to set things up beforehand in IRC or wherever you organize the game so that there isn't confusion regarding mods.

Now you're all ready to take to the stars, Watch your six pilot!

Multiplayer Schedule

There are several scheduled games played regularly throughout the week, as well as games for mods and conversions such as BtRL, TBP, and soon Diaspora. Even if there isn't a game going on, chances are someone on IRC will want to play.


Choose a name, click "OK" and go chat up IRC.

Games Schedule

All times are in GMT. Find the current time in GMT by clicking here.


Host (Alias)/Location
Time (GMT)
MOD (i.e. FSPort, MediaVPS)
Total Conversion (TBP, Diaspora, etc.)

JediMasterSeth (FLINT)/London, England
8:00PM GMT, Wednesday
MediaVPs 3.6.10

JediMasterSeth (FLINT)/London, England
8:00PM GMT, Saturday
MediaVPs 3.6.10

Andicirk (Captain-Custard)/London, England
7:00PM GMT, Thursday
Project Zathras
The Babylon Project

Tips and Extras

This post will be dedicated to stuff such as the GV, TeamSpeak or Ventrillo, etc.


Joining a game

* If the game is in progress, try to join once or twice. This gives the people ingame notice that you want to join, and they can include you in the next game. Once you do this go wait on IRC.
* Make sure that you have the right mod selected or you'll crash and slow down getting the game going. This applies to builds as well, only use 3.6.16 Final unless you know what you're doing.
* Get on IRC 10 minutes before you the game starts, regardless if it's scheduled or spur of the moment. This gives people time to get ready and make sure that they're on the same page.
* Don't spam join requests, once or twice is enough.

* Be courteous, these are real people, and you can and will get kicked.
* Consult more experienced players if you have never played the mission or don't know what to do. They can give you tips, and most of us are very friendly/helpful.
* The chat key is 1, and the team chat key is 2


Steps to troubleshooting:

* Is the issue multiplayer related? (as opposed to graphics or gameplay related or otherwise)
* Did you search the forum for an answer?
* Did you read the common issues on this post?
* Did you ask on IRC?
If you still don't have an answer, post a thread here.

Common Issues

I get an error about hacked and/or invalid table files!
Make sure that you're using the same mod as the server (i.e. FSPort or the 3.6.10 MediaVPs) and that you don't have any table (.TBM and .TBL) files hanging around in \FreeSpace2\data\tables or in \FreeSpace2\<Enabled Mod Folder>\data\tables.


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