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RELEASE: some new HIGHREZ shockwaves :)

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well, I figured I'll post it here, as most people don't know we moved over here...
keeping with my tradition, I'm making these public, so post feedback and enjoy :)
there are 4 shockwaves in the pack, fiery orange and the classic blue, 2D versions come at a 1024x1024 rez, while the 3D versions at 512x512(the way its rendered they appear same rez as the 2D ones)

*to get these working in-game
first, choose a color :P
for 2D shockwaves drop the appropriate files(shockwave01) into folder: mediavps_3612/data/effects
I forgot to add the EFF file, so grab it here or create it yourself, drop it into the same folder as well:

for 3D shockwaves, drop the appropriate files(shockwave3D-glow) into folder : mediavps_3612/data/maps
the EFF file should be the same, just rename it to shockwave3D-glow.eff, place it also in the same folder.

I figured some screenshots would help

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Downloading now.  :yes:


I hate to be the n00b, but how do we get these working in game? :(

just drop them in <yourmod>/data/effects, and change the tables to use that shockwave.

EDIT: actually, from the way they're named you just need to drop them into effects.


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