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Likes most of my public statements, lets keep this short and sweet..

Though there is plenty of hustle and bustle on internal, the team, myself included constantly are reminded that out here, it seems like nothing much is ever going on...

So, help us out. What do you want to hear from us? off the top of my head, we can give updates on mission progress, may-haps some plot details, stuff about the modpack, or just flood with more screen-shots, but we really are curious as to what everyone would like to see.

So shoot.

The E:
The problem, I think, is that without something playable, there isn't much to discuss in terms of story, missions and gameplay. And screenshots without context are relatively meaningless material (since we already know your mod will be pretty).

Some updates on missions could be usefull, right now, nobody outside the team knows how much of ED is done.
I'm not asking for release estimates, but rather for some base for making my own.

Fewer screenshots. Or at least fewer meaningless contents that are "oooh look at the pretty pictures they distract you, no?"

I'm sure you guys could at least try a mystery pic or two like folks used to.

Progress reports
oh we're excited about this we just did
features we can expect
Occasional screen grab

beyond that there is not much else we can realistically ask from you imho


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