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Most of you probably think we’re a very dead project since we have released many of our assets which are used in Earth Defence main campaign. But that isn’t true. No, we’re not dead.

For last two weeks I’ve been working hard (Tantalus53 and LordPomposity too) on polishing Act I missions, which are basically all done except one mission by Rodo. He promised me to finish it in reasonable time, so you can consider main part of fredding done.

Now we are in the middle of the hardest job: bugfixing and mission adjusting. This means for us a lot of work on small things that can be annoying, but are necessary to do. This covers grammar checking and spellchecking of missions as well as dialogue adjustements by our brave writer, LordPomposity. With fredding and playtesting our missions we have detected numerous weapon balance issues which I’m also solving as soon as we detect them. Some time ago LordPomposity said:

--- Quote ---I don't see how the balancing of the ships and weapons could possibly be complete until they've been evaluated in the context of the missions. FREDing and tabling need to be a concurrent process that are informed by one another.
--- End quote ---

I know we have no pretty screenshots for you to show, but we are in the middle of missions adjustments and it’s some kind of boring but important thing. We want to keep you informed and that’s why we tell you about those things.

Look sharp for more updates soon,

good work when will released and done and finishhed

Good news on the lacking mission  by Rodo. This morning he has posted on internal that it's pretty much more or less finished and he attatched mission file for us. I had a chance to playtest it several times and it works like a charm. Rodo has done amazing job with in-game cutscenes, ship movement control and beam control. That means for us, that all Act I missions are basically done :)


So, what's the status?
I can beta test this anytime (well, anytime after I've finished WCS). You said you'll be releasing soon, but the board's been quiet for very long.
Any reason for keeping the campaign to yourselves for so long?

General Battuta:
It's not done and people work on it in fits and starts but there are a ton of talented people involved (Rodo, Pomposity, Tantalus among others) so just hang in there


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