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Beating the Best Case Scenario


Trivial Psychic:
If anyone wants to avoid spoilers for the campaign, don't read this.

Spoiler:So I've been replaying Unification War for the first time in a long time (in fact, its only my second play-though attempt) and I reached "Runabout", the first mission in Delta Serpentis.  The mission is to engage two Atropos frigates and a Sagittarius class carrier that have bracketed a group of 4 friendly cruisers.  I tried several runs through the mission, trying to take out all three ships, but every time we managed to take out two of the ships, the third always jumped out.  I tried knocking out NAV systems on some of the ships to keep them from jumping, but it appears that only some of the missions have this option FREDed into them and they escaped anyway.  Finally, I decided that I would do my best to divide my firepower between the ships, with the hope of ensuring that when the 2nd ship is destroyed, the 3rd ship is just a few hits away from going down too.  At first I succeeded but was killed in the subsequent explosion.  Finally, I succeeded, though had my health take down to just 4% from the explosion.  I limped back to the carrier and landed, and found that the mission designers didn't expect that anyone could accomplish this, as both the in-mission messages and the debriefing stages are expecting that one of the ships should escape.  So, I managed to beat the best case scenario!  I had hoped to achieve a bonus objective, but managed to accomplish all primary objectives instead.  There may be a bonus objective however, if you manage to beat the mission without losing a cruiser.  Oh well.  I'm not going through THAT again!

Admiral Nelson:
Yeah UW 1.0 is fairly dated now.  I have a new iteration that will resume testing once the tester is back from school commitments.

Trivial Psychic:
I've also noticed typical lack of things like directives and limited escort list use.  Was this a choice to support the antiquated feeling, like how targeting isn't available until you get some tech upgrades?  If this is the case, then I'd like to point out that there is at least one mission that has the typical directives we're used to in FS.  Was this an oversight, like the mission in question was made by a FREDder who wasn't completely in the loop regarding directives?

Admiral Nelson:
Missing directives and no escort list were meant to show a relatively primitive HUD. That's been cut from the new version as it wasn't fun.  There is a new form of HUD progression over time.

Trivial Psychic:
Looking forward to it.  I hope to see perhaps some upgraded models like the Reliant or Constellation.


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