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32bit Win builts anybody?

With the amount of stuff in WoD, its very likely to kick the memory usage above what 32 bit builds can handle, so it's not really supported I'm afraid.

If you've got a 32 bit system, we might be able to try something but there's no guarantee it'll work. (though if we do it'll have to wait until tomorrow because I'm exhausted from this releasing :shaking:)

Take a break you guys, you sure earned it. :P

I've got an issue in the "Shopping" mission. When I go to the ship shop, I buy the stuff I need, but I can't leave the selection screen. It says "MORE" at the bottom of the selections, so obviously I need to scroll it, but I don't know how to do this. There's no scrolling arrow to click, and I pressed every single button on my keyboard. Also took a look at the key bindings and am not sure what would be tied to this. I switched to default FS2 controls btw. Can someone help?

What display resolution are you playing at?


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