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@ Forum Administrators:

I'd like to request a forum branch for the TC project titled "Adversary" under the forum category Hosted Projects-Standalone.
The requested forum section will be used for the projects release thread/technical support.
The project has been released on Knossos.
Screenshots are available through the screenshots tab in the Knossos details page.


Just started playing this thing. It's 100% legit, quality content that's tick-ticking like a Swiss watch. This guy popped out from nowhere, but insane amount of skill, work and dedication just radiates from this mod.

This project certainly deserves a home here.

Where should we talk about this new game until the new board gets set up?  Mission 2 is kicking my butt!   :p

Pushing for a hosting request because players need to complain about the difficulty level is quite a unique occurrence.  :)

Jokes aside, I support the request too.  :yes:

Well it should have *any* kind of forum presence. From what I got this should be in the highlight section, have its own board and what else, instead there's only this hosting request in site support and all Discord posts got long burried.


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