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Fury AI: How do I for FS1 and FS2 in KNOSSOS?

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Basically title. I want to play the OG Freespace 1 and Freespace 2 with Fury AI, but I don't know how to do that in Knossos.

Is there some sort of flag setting?

General Battuta:
No. You could play FreeSpace Blue (included with Blue Planet) to get FS2 with some of the Fury AI features, but you'd need to edit the actual ships in the missions to get them to use Fury AI classes.

This might be an interesting and easy mod to make!

Does this need to be added to ships.tbl, or does this have to be added to every single mission?

Side note: h*ck it, let's do it live. Why not glide, strafe, and reverse thrust capabilities for every ship? (I find that Fury AI is most satisfying to beat while in reverse-afterburner, and putting a missile right up my opponent's cockpit—so I'm the last thing they see before they die. :drevil:)

General Battuta:
The first step would be to include an AI table and AI profiles table that add the Fury AI.

The second step would be to open all the missions and change the ship AI classes to use Fury AI classes. OR to edit ships.tbl to alter the default AI classes of various ships to use Fury AI classes by default.

The third step would probably be to alter some weapon loadouts in the mission files. Fury AI will use Trebuchets, which for some reason are in the default loadout of a lot of Shivan ships. And Fury AI removes the random turret refire delay, which means beam and flak weapons will shoot MUCH faster; so you might have to swap out or modify some of these weapons to fire more slowly.

The following Shivan ships also use fighter guns for (some of) their laser turrets - which causes them to get a significant boost from the removal of the random turret fire delay:

SB Nephilim
SB Seraphim
ST Azrael
SFr Dis
SFr Mephisto
SFr Asmodeus
SC Rakshasa
SC Cain
SSG Trident
SSG Belial
SSG Rahu

some GTVA ships have the Subach HL-7 randomly in thier turret loadouts, e.g. the Mentu

You might want to adress that with a -shp.tbm and -wep.tbm.


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