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Just to clarify, the project isn't dead at all. One part of the team is currently busy with real life issues while the other is working on the next SerRes release. It's nobody's fault for this temporary overlap and, at this point, I guess people do understand that SR is a spin-off of INFA that got rebooted as its own project.

Reliable estimates are rather difficult to make right now but Nostos 2 is definitely in our "to do" list.  :)

Great to know.

So we discussed some things with Mobius, and need to consult some things further with other Inferno team members. Looks like Nostos 2 [that's halfway done] can be completed. Just needs to wait for it's turn in queue.

Whatever we decide, asset releases will continue.

Iain Baker:
Count me in guys if you need a hand 👍😎

I have been a fan of Inf since its earlier days. It would be awesome if Nos 2 gets completely done   :D


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