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Just replayed these missions last night.  I think what impressed me most was how smooth it all ran!  I remember countless CTDs when I first tried to play them years ago.  And the voicework was very nice.  Did you guys find someone who just is able to imitate the Allied Command voice that well, or did you use AI to recreate it!?  That seriously left me slack-jawed.

Heh, and CD trying on an Irish accent made me nearly fall out of my chair laughing!  You did great!  Good on you mate!

Thanks to all for resurrecting these.  Aegis in particular has a lot of replay value in that I like to try to win using different tactics just to see if I can.  Lots of fun!

Colonol Dekker:
6 out of 8 of my great grandparents are Irish.   They're spinning in their graves.

Awesome! One of the best side campaigns to Blue Planet.

Admiral Nelson:
I have pushed a small patch to fix an issue where killing a certain enemy ship too fast could unintentionally cause a mission failure.  Additionally, Renegade Paladin very kindly revoiced Luzon Station, which had a subpar AI voice.


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