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Colonol Dekker:
Just looks like welding / arc spray.


--- Quote from: The E on May 30, 2021, 01:29:35 pm ---but there are several action sequences in B5 canon that take place in hyperspace,

--- End quote ---

The only ones that come to mind are "A Distant Star" and "The Fall of Night" (both Season 2) in the sequences with the Shadow vessel, the sequence to reveal the Vorlon Planet Killer in "The Summoning" (Season 4), and the introduction to the Thrid Space Portal in "Thirdspace". All other sequences in Hyperspace are establishing shots for sequences set during hyperspace travel.

All of these could certainly be handled with a more "otherworldly" visualisation of hyperspace - if you put the time and ressources in to make it and to establish its visual language (remember, there were both technical and financial contrains).

The show did  make hyperspace very easy to read but in the fiction hyperspace is still an "other place": impossible to navigate outside of the established routes and in "Matters of Honor" it is openly stated that it is difficult to gauge the size of an object in hyperspace.
Add to that, that according to "Thirdspace", hyperspace technology was reverse engineered from a (presumably) First Ones remnant and you clearly have hyperspace established as a space that is actually not meant for the human perception apartus.

Actually attempting the challenge to make this more "otherworldly" conception of hyperspace a reality is challenge well worth respecting.

I am really out of depth here.

I still see the issue with establishing prespective in those earlier concepts too, but I would not know how to put it correctly into words - it seems that brightness is supposed to communicate distance to the observer but the brightest parts also seem to be the most of out of focus.

The noisy vibe is not always a bad thing. It has it's niches and particular uses, and I think it's exactly one of them. Concept 8 seems to be balanced in this regard and looks like good, modern re-interpretation of Hyperspace. Especially considering the fact, that the original was simple fractal noise made in 90's, the artistic aspects provide very little limits.

From actual criticism, I would say that fiery particles does not blend well with rest of teh layers. They should be moving with the rest of the background, to intensify the vibe of something "flowing" there. The "River of hellish, fractal goo" I found as good creative direction, just all parts should be consistent with it.

You can also try a variant completely without fiery particles for darker, eerie and more background approach.

I'd like to see something like this within FSO.


--- Quote from: 0rph3u5 on May 31, 2021, 04:22:33 am ---Actually attempting the challenge to make this more "otherworldly" conception of hyperspace a reality is challenge well worth respecting.

--- End quote ---

That's one problem for me with his version. While the original hypespace basically was some "otherworldly" color background, in his version I can recognize normal stuff like sparks, fire and smoke that do just not belong!


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