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I've been working on various things related to the fighters and cockpits and I've decided to just combine everything related to the fighters into one release with the most current features.

The models are from a model pack I downloaded back in 2001 in MAX format.  I still had them on my drive and decided to see if I could get it to work.  After extensive modifications and trial and error, I succeeded.

The original model was created by Conor Clancy back in 2001.  It was released for free use to the public back then but I none the less attempted to contact him at the hotmail address in the readme.  No reply was received.

From that read me:

"This Model is not for sale and should be distributed freely

This model was created for love, not money. So please don't sue me Joe

Babylon 5 and Crusade are copyright © and trademark & trade; 1992-1999, PTN Consortium."



Everything has been broken down into their respective folders.  Some of the older Aurora maps may be overwritten so it's recommended to have a backup.

Copy each folder's contents into the respective folder under data of your TBP install, maps, models, tables.

All three fighters have a cockpit model included.  They are unique to each ship in some way.  There is an included tbm file to enable those cockpits.

Static Cockpits:

The default maps are animated cockpits/displays.  If you don't want animated cockpits copy these eff files from the Static Cockpits folder into your maps folder and overwrite the existing ones.  If you want to delete the unused glow maps for the animations just leave the one ending in _0000.


Thruster points have been set up at the correct angles for all of these fighters in the ships.tbl.  The table file is a full replacement for the default ship.tbl that was included in v3.73 of The Babylon Project.  BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL PLEASE.

The reason I ended up with a replacment tbl file instead of an add on tbm is that for some perplexing reason, the thruster locations were being read from both the original tbl and the updated tbm file I was testing at the same time.  So that resulted in "ghost" thruster points being created that I couldn't get rid of without commenting them out in the original file.

Aurora & Badger

Three Aurora verions included, standard, Mk1, PSI Corps.

One Badger version included.

Layered PSD files are included in the options folder.  These share the same texture set.  There is a separate set for the Black Omega PSI Corps version.

The Aurora has been modifed to include two primary weapons as many sources cite that the fighter had a second set of guns above the cockpit and in fact you can see them on the models.  By default however, the second bank is empty leaving only the normal 40mm pair.

A new tbm file has been added that contains a 35mm Pulse cannon for that second bank.  It's based on the 40mm cannon but with reduced stats.

The Badger has two primary banks as before, but they have been separated to the four cannon around the cockpit and the chin turret.  By default the four cannon are bank1 40mm set up in a quad fire mode with the chin turret being the 60mm cannon for use against capital ships.  The banks cannot by linked.

A new secondary weapons system was also implemented in the tbm file based on the dumbfire rockets from Diaspora.  The four tubes on the Badger remind me of rocket pods and I figured they should do something and you can only have two primary weapons.  The role of the Badger is primarily anti-capital ship.  So this new weapon is called the Mk2 Pike dumbfire rocket.  Each tube holds 30 rockets for a payload of 120 and they are fired in a volly of four (one from each tube).  These are effective for taking out sub-systems on capital ships.

The rear turret is operational and is a 40mm cannon by default.  Don't expect miracles from it, but it works.


Four versions included, standard, bomber, PSI Corps, PSI Corps bomber.

A cockpit has been added to the Thunderbolt based on one included in the cockpits mod for stock FS2.

The missile racks on the Thunderbolt have been set up so that the main fighter variants have two banks of six and the bomber variants have three banks of four.  Five different color versions with five different nose art are included in the options folder giving you 25 possible combinations plus the PSI Corps version.

The layered PDN files are included.

Additional screen shots of the variants located here:


Also included is a script file that will turn off the egnine glow maps on the player's fighter only when glide is engaged or the throttle is at zero.






Late question or critique, but... the red a little overdone on the Starfury? It's been WAY too long since I've seen an episode of B5, but the red seems a bit overpowering. Might be nice to keep the tint on the canopy panels while reducing the intensity of it on the cockpit interior.

On the Thunderbolt, I did see several show screenshots, and it indeed looks like they kept it fairly transparent in the renderings. However, it did not seem quite as transparent as what you've got here. Perhaps you should give the panels a bit more of a "smokey" or tinted complexion? Perhaps it's something to do with specular maps, or what have you?

What do you mean that the Thunderbolt cockpit is based on one included in the cockpits mod for stock FS2? Is this the Blue Planet cockpit from the last thunderbolt mod?


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