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RELEASE: EAS Nova v0.1.1 5/10/20

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5/10 UPDATE: So i have fixed the Glow issue by resetting the offset. I have also tweaked the glow point settings. Fixed the issue with turret04 barrels and renamed them to Turret04-arm. Moment of inertia has been added. The only issue i am unable to resolve myself is the Turrets 3 and 4 not moving or tracking targets, i am really stumped by this.

So i have got the nova in game and seems to be working, i have only noticed a couple of minor issues:

1. Turrets 3 and 4 for some reason refuse to rotate and track targets, yet turrets 25 and 26 work fine and they all have the same data in the pof and tbm, so i am unsure why they won't work, but in the meantime i have angled 3 and 4 to face forward in the TBM.

2. The Glow points won't align when in game. When i set them up in the PCS they are all in the correct position but when i then launch the game they are all out of alignment. its no game breaking issue but is annoying.

Would be very great full if someone could look and see what i have missed or done wrong to cause this issues.


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Ad.1 You should add rotation time for turret03 and turret04 in tbm.
Ad.2  Probably Offset in Detail0 is messing with glowpoints. But if you change offset to 0:0:0, then you have to adjust firepoints, special points, thruster points, docking points, paths.

Some small things: Turret04 - turret05-arm and add moment of inertia.

ok cheers will take a look at that, thank you


--- Quote from: tomimaki on October 05, 2020, 03:33:23 am ---Ad.1 You should add rotation time for turret03 and turret04 in tbm.

--- End quote ---
As tomimaki said

$Subsystem:     name, percent_damage, turret_turn_360_time.  You have $Subsystem:   turret03,    4.0,   0.0 Try this $Subsystem:    turret03,    4.0,   2.4

The E:
small suggestion: Use the initial animation state for the turrets to not have the barrels stick straight up or down. It's the FS2 equivalent of spawning in models in T-Pose.


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