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New release 3.7.6


There is a new release with some bug fixes. There is an option not to have the cockpit as some have asked for.


A screenshot

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Thanks for the update! I took a quick look and everything looks fine. Still I have a common question that might not be connected to TBP, but rather to FSO itself:
To improve the graphic quality I always set the custom flag -ambient_factor 0. But I can't find it under the normal FSO settings and I wonder why it is not listed?

That can be added via the Custom flags section under FSO Settings.   I believe some lighting settings have been depreciated but for that please ask in the Freespace forums as it is not related to TBP but rather the FSO engine itself.

I recently had cause to run the debug build of 3.7.6 - got three minor errors which should be easy to adress; but should not impact players really...

Each of these weapons has their $BeamInfo, +ShrinkFactor:-setting set to 1.2 which is beyond the allowed range of 0-1.



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