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Oh I've been wondering when B5 was gonna be available to stream, I've never seen it but I know it was a major influence on FreeSpace. Today's my lucky day!

Trivial Psychic:
Unfortunately, HBO-Max is NOT available in Canada.


--- Quote from: Trivial Psychic on January 28, 2021, 11:45:44 pm ---Unfortunately, HBO-Max is NOT available in Canada.

--- End quote ---

Welcome to the rest of the world - where the short-signed buisness strategy behind HBO-Max will have an impact, but we don't get the service that is supposed to make it worthwhile.  :D

More on subject, probably it is the same situation as here on the other side of the Altantic where the Warner and Coglomerate have standing committments to local distrubtion partners in several markets that do not allow them to compete just yet.

According to the link it isn't much of a remaster anyway, not with everything scaled down to 4:3 because of the CGI instead of actually remastering the SFX too!


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