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GVCa Tanen edit/remap

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Everyone's been clamoring for a revision of the Tanen, particularly as it would have stuck out like a sore thumb among the beautiful Vasudan ships of SA. So, here's a few WIP shots of my take on it.

With a few extrusions, I've added some rows of lights along the upper and lower surfaces, and I've also connected the two fighterbays into a fly-through hangar. :D I'm putting an invisible shield on it, :V: style, but you can always add the 'dont collide invisible' flag to make it fly-through. Next up I'll be revising the turrets, and probably seperating the top and bottom halves a little bit to make room for another row or two of deck lights.

I'd still like to break up that upper surface texture somehow, but I think I can do that with some funky turrets.

Knight Templar:
Re-skin looks like it's going great. But while you are playing with the model, might I suggest doing something with the top part of the hull? It's supposed to be 4,000 meters long and with the plainness of the hull, it looks boring and small still. I know it ain't very Vasudan, but maybe some kind of bridge, or visible lights or something... curves, edges, dips, mounds, etc.

The original had those whacking great flak turrets on top, which I liked a lot, so I'll be adding those on. A bridge superstructure is a great idea, too, so I'll think up some ideas for that. :)

Good stuff, GE. :D

I'd say either increase the tile factor on the light brown topside texture, or decrease it on the pinkish side texture, or both.  Right now the difference in texture density looks funny.  Also, more extensive use of the UVUnwrap would be nice (e.g. on the inside of the forward arms).

Again, great work.  It is already looking better.

Looking good!  To break up the hull, what about having separate plates af armour, making it look a bit like a shell? Like the Sobek, so you'd have the armour plates the light brown texture, with bits of the superstructure underneath showing through with a dark texture (like the Typhon's hull colour) or a lights texture. Then you could have the bridge rising up through the armour plate, with it's own separate plating on.

Can't describe it very well, but it'd look really good.

PS. Fly-through hangar is sweeeet. :):yes:


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