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So, err...`


Black Wolf:
Anything... happening? Normally, GE'd keep me semi updated whenever we talk on ICQ, but I've not seen him in a fair old while, so I've pretty much lost track of the camp... so, err... anything?

holidays plus sesq got engaged, RL again.

Let the man be happy.
We will be here, when he has time.

ALL THE BEST WISHES, AND LET ALL YOUR ENEMIES DIE!-> Modern Greek cheer while drinking! (No, it is not Klingon!)


--- Quote ---Originally posted by PhReAk
holidays plus sesq got engaged, RL again.
--- End quote ---
Plus the fact that fs_open has been giving me framerates of about 4.0/sec and frequent CTDs, making mission testing impossible.

oh yes. uh... we're working on it


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