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what's the Modular Conveyor ? I don't know that one  :nervous:

It's pretty much a ship from the older games, but it might be needed for general FREDing purposes.  It's not high on our list to get in game though.

Having a rich, diverse collection of transports and stations is excellent from a FRED perspective- we can design many varied bases. FS2 had a fair number of freighters, but only one installation, and they were still able to pull off some good stuff in that area. We're going to do much better, since we won't have to repeat many freighters. It's a win for everyone...except maybe people with slow internet connections who have to download it...

You know, I was checking out the shiplist for what's currently planned and am wondering if you're going to include the Assault Gunboat.  Supposedley, these were the Imperial Starfighters used in conjunction with Assassin-class Corvettes and Stormtrooper Transports that formed up the core of the Empire's System Patrol Squadrons.

And then there are a whole bunch of TIE series variants such as the TIE/gt (the original heavy fighter that got phased out by the TIE Bomber), the TIE/fc, TIE/rc and TIE Vanguard (TIE/rc mkII), TIE Scout, TIE Avenger, and TIE Defender.

This isn't so much a request as if depending on when the official Fate of the Galaxy campaign takes place, certain ships may simply not be available (either to being phased out completely, not in widespread use, or haven't been invented yet).

Also, what is the maximum amount of ship slots that Fate of Galaxy will be able to support?

One last thing (there's always a last thing)  :p what model are you thinking basing the MC40a off of? the TG version, or the XWAU version?  I always felt that the TG version seemed a bit too different and thus made it so the XWAU version would more reflect the designs seen in the movies.

I can't seem to find much reference on these ships, the Wookiee articles are very sparse, and don't cite where these ships originally came from.  So they're not at the level of canon we're concerned with right now, but if we do hit that time period, and need these types of ships, we'll keep them in mind.


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