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Wait, wait. I spent over an hour downloading the file at the "Full DVD Download Link", and when I unzip it, I get a damaged readme and a disc image? Why do I need to burn this to a DVD to install it, and where are the install files?

EDIT: D'oh. This is what I get for not reading the entire post. The readme file *is* damaged, though.

The E:
You don't need to burn it. Just use your preferred Archiver to extract all the files from the ISO, and execute the Installer. Or use Daemon Tools et al to mount that Image.

Is it up to date?
I downloaded it installed and #^$@#^%@*$%@$  after couple of hours spent on doing a lot of strange settings in the launcher and reading this forum...
why this game is so buggy :/
neither d3d or opengl works for me -> comp hangs or game just quits and everytime i have some fragments of textures floating in space( lol wtf?) .
Forced software rendering works only (not bad thx to coreduo cpu), but no primary weapon beams (its invisible) buggy model of ship Rising Star in one of the missions prevents to accomplish the goal - there was a thread about but solution has beed removed (deleted attachment)
Launcher has a lot of options but it seems like half of it doesnt work at all and debug exe is producing errors like 'too many ship clases' or something.
Comon looks very nice but....bugs everywhere
My drivers are fine, a lot of d3d or opengl games works on it - except this one.
I was wondering maybe i should paste some logs etc ...but later maybe :( i'm confused and tired

The E:
If you have run a debug build, please post the fs2_open.log from the data folder here.
You should also get Zathras, which includes updated executables and a ton of bugfixes.

I've installed zathras, there is some change, Rising Star problem seems to be fixed i did notice also fps drop.
Thats how my hud looks like:

In software mode seems to be ok except lack of visible weapon shots and fps drops sometimes below 5.
But still a lot of warnings in debug mode.

 fs2_open.log attached and debug messages from the clipboard

Thanks for any advice

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