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The Babylon Project Campaign Pack v2.0 RELEASED!

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--- Quote from: vleon on November 03, 2008, 04:57:34 pm ---Hi!

i want to pack this up with tdp and freespace 2 for the arch linux gaming repository.
the fs2 and tdp part is made since both are provided in a linux friendlly way.

i could grab the .exe use something like cabextract or wine  to get the data out and pack it (we provide binary packages)
but it wouldnt be a probper solution since arch is also providing a file that allows people to easily build their packages (grab the files
from the net, extract them, put them in the right place..), and by using cabextract and manually downloading the file ill have to bypass
the easy package for all, and only package binary blobs :/

i was wondering if irts possible to host this pack in some freiendly way as well (tar.bz2 or even 7zip like tdp will do ;)
and in a network friendly way (having a constant link with preferably one file that can be used to grab anytime)

Its maybe too much to ask from people wo did tons already. but still i hoped you will do this tiny effort so i can help spread you awsome

leon vayman

--- End quote ---

well v3.0 will be in the works soon or later so maybe a zipped version 3

hip63 :p

Is there a timeline for all these campaigns?
So is there an order they in which they should be played?

Not really. Also, some of these campaigns are out of date. Be sure to update Operations and Fortune Hunters!

Also, take a look at this link:

I can't get the pack from Filefront. What happened? :(


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