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Tobin Ra:
exactly how do you "get the dvd"?

Tobin Ra:
Hip63 says you need the inf or inferno build of tbp where can a guy get that? also when i have what i need all ready dl the campaign pack now i need the inferno build and instructions on how to combine the 2, instructions explained like you would to a 5 year old lol because i can use a computer but that's about it, but i can follow detailed instructions.

There's no such thing as a separate inferno build any more. All builds are now inferno builds. So any recent build that came out in the last 2-3 years will do.

Tobin Ra:
Hey guys i have TBP dvd now what version of zathras do i need? and how do i combine them?

Zathras is a mod for The Babylon Project. Put the Zathras files into TBP/Zathras, then select Zathrar as a mod if your launcher.


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