What do you think of the Depth-Of-Field effect in the Galatea Mainhall?

Love it. Absolutely necessary for any remake.
It's cool, but I can understand your reasons for removing it.
Snuffulupagus. Whatever you want man.
It's out of place. Keep it if you want, though.
Hate it. Doesn't look right and should be removed.

Author Topic: Galatea Mainhall DOF  (Read 5637 times)

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Galatea Mainhall DOF
Now that we have HD mainhall support, I'm re-rendering my mainhalls in higher resolution. This gives me a chance to fix up things that I didn't want to re-render before.

Now. The retail Galatea mainhall included a slight Depth-Of-Field effect on the barrels near the camera. I'm curious how many of you think it's iconic to the look of that particular mainhall.

I ask because I would like to just not include it anymore. First of all, it's weird. The DoF was difficult to recreate because it needed to blur the foreground but do nothing to anything else. That's a really unusual thing and I'm not sure it could be pulled off with a real camera in the size of space of the Galatea Mainhall. Secondly, when I go widescreen with Galatea, that DoF is going to have to cover everything across the entire bottom of the screen that is as close to those barrels. that means it's going to be much more pronounced. Given that I already think it's an impossible effect outside of a computer, I think it will look even more odd when expanded.
Lastly, no one even noticed that I didn't blur the handrail in Bastion.. so maybe I shouldn't have even made this poll, leave out the DoF, and move on with my life?
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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
I honestly cannot say I ever noticed the effect in the retail image, so I'm completely indifferent if it's removed.


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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
I never noticed it, but I think it sounds like a good idea, but if you don't think it looks good, don't do it.

tl;dr do what you think is best
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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
I honestly cannot say I ever noticed the effect in the retail image, so I'm completely indifferent if it's removed.


I can't think of a Lens that would accomodate just the barrels. Maybe a 10mm F1.2 but that would as you say blur the whole thing/plane of view. Maybe a tilt-shift lens?

Anyway, the quoteth stands true. :yes:
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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
If you leave the effect the look of the mainhll is closer to the one of the original.

There you also have the slight DoF but it isn't that obvious because the resolution of the picture is lower.

And you could add the misty air in corridor to the left.
Understanding do you me?


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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
I never noticed it myself as well, you may do with it whatever your artist sense tells you :yes:
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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
Hah; right now, the poll is a perfect bell curve (1-3-4-3-1).

But yeah, what Mongoose said:
I honestly cannot say I ever noticed the effect in the retail image, so I'm completely indifferent if it's removed.
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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
Mathematically plausible DOF over the entire scene (I dunno where you'd put the focus though) or bust. Probably remove the hacked dof because it'll just look like arbitrary/stupid blurring once the rest of the scene is razor sharp.


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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
Rolling with the crowd here cause i never noticed it.

Seriously if it looks right and it looks good then I'm ok with it, if someone does notice then give them a patch with the old mainhall and they can put up with it
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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
So like,

It occurs to me that the reason the DOF doesn't seem to match is because those barrels were added in after the fact. FS1 Alpha had some alpha-specific text written on the floor there that needed to be covered over.

But why did they include the DOF on the barrels? Maybe they had forgotten what render settings they used on the rest of the scene, and needed to fudge it? Idunno.

On topic: yes I had noticed it. Meh.


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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
I admit it did look a bit weird when I first saw it, but it didn't bother me overly. I trust your artistic judgment!
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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
Yes, you should have skipped the poll and do what you wanted... now you have to take into account other people's opinions!! :D

Honestly, I couldn't agree with you more, that DoF is absolutely abhorrent, only a deep ingrained sense of nostalgia would make anyone vote to keep it, or, alternatively, a ghastly taste. Given how people with such deep sense of nostalgia would always be better served with the original anyway, and how people with a ghastly sense of taste should always be ignored, I'd think the answer is obvious.


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Re: Galatea Mainhall DOF
Good taste makes you lorn.
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