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Re: RELEASE - Shrouding the Light
all of the links are broken.
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Re: RELEASE - Shrouding the Light
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Re: RELEASE - Shrouding the Light
Just 5 minutes ago I finished this (so, for those interested, I can confirm that the campaign works flawlessly with the mediavps 3.6.12 and the FSO exe 3.6.14 RC5, plus some custom effects) and it was a blast.

There are simply no words for comparing this with the "official" Operation Templar campaign, because these words would be too vulgar. :D Let's just say that Operation Templar is plain boring and does not do the whole HOL-theme any justice. 4 Missions with "kill everything", stupid.

But this, this really took the whole story to all new hights, gave it depth and background and an almost philosophical approach. I enjoyed listening to Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 arguing about the fractured soul of the Vasudan people.

Plus, the way it ended, hinting about reaffirmed relations with the Terrans as well as special programms to build on this even stronger, is a PERFECT way to continue towards Freespace 2, where the Vasudans and Terrans (NTF excluded) are as one. And continuing to FS2 is what I will

Thank you Blaise Russel!  :yes:


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Re: RELEASE - Shrouding the Light
If digging up this thread is inappropriate, let me know...

Anyone been able to get this to work with MediaVPs 2014? I get warnings at the pilot selection screen and then hangs on loading.


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Re: RELEASE - Shrouding the Light

This thread should have a version that works with 2014 VPs.

FYI, even though the OP in that thread says you need FSPort 3.4, keep in mind version 3.5 is out now.


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Re: RELEASE - Shrouding the Light

This thread should have a version that works with 2014 VPs.

FYI, even though the OP in that thread says you need FSPort 3.4, keep in mind version 3.5 is out now.

That did the trick! Thanks!

Re: RELEASE - Shrouding the Light
I would just like to say that this campaign is very good. I am not done with it yet but it has almost everything I like - good plot, characterization, tension, atmosphere, intrigue, and the missions are, for the most part, straightforward action, with no super annoying or pointless mechanics or sudden gameplay changes. The missions themselves are very hard but not to the point of being frustratingly impossible. The voice acting is decent, but one of my only complaints is that I don't much like the use of TTS voices for the Vasudans (who are the majority of the voices you hear). I generally prefer campaigns with Shivans but this one is still excellent.

Shivans view most other species the way we view infectious diseases. They think they are doing good by curing the universe of them. After all, no one mourns the fate of smallpox.

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Re: RELEASE - Shrouding the Light
So nice to finally see this updated. One of my top favorite Freespace 1 era mods