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--- Quote from: Axem on January 22, 2020, 08:29:47 am ---Clicking debug will make the game try to open up the debugger in Visual Studio, so that's not something a normal player should do. Just click continue to get past the warnings. They are generally harmless. (Also once everything is working, be sure to go back to release builds!)

As for the issue that Jellyfish mentioned, I don't know if that issue is directly related or not. That sounded like a keybind/stuck joystick button issue.

Also if you're playing in Knossos, all the WoD data files are completely separated from everyone else. So you can put that table file in something like wod2.whatever/data/tables and it won't affect other mods. If you're not, WoD is recommended to be played completely standalone without being put in your main FS folder.

--- End quote ---

Concerning Knossos and the WOD data files, that's good to know. I'll experiment with this soon enough. Goddamn, but Knossos is a godsend.

Just tried to play WoD after putting the Fonts.tbl file in my wod-2.12 folder. Now I can click on the animated doors/consoles and see what they are, but the text for the pilot menu, and speech text between characters, and the text in the database are still missing.

Here's the debug log:


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