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No worries.  Appreciate the kind words.

The HLP community has discovered a lot of bugs and shortcuts in FreeSpace over the past years, and I'm sure this is true of many games.  It's good to see someone finding and fixing the Freelancer bugs too. :yes:

Ohh goober5000, i'm not the only one:

1. Starport - open FL modding community
2. LancersReactor - The ancestor community from above

and several online modding communities which share their own mods are making Freelancer an even more interesting universe to get in touch with. There are (right now without any release from my side) many great mods available outside. Freelancers are in the luxury position to decide - not only the universe - but although the prefered game mode. PvP - RolePlay - MMORPGstyle is all available. Just discover more information on this board and google search - and you have a wide broad-band of choices & possibilities - all working with newer OS.

Edit: When a freelancer is here who started to play in a MP community of choice it would be nice to be mentioned there when players ask how you came across freelancer - that shows other communities, that i'm trying to help ALL freelancers - not only building an own thing. The own thing will be just another possibility of how it can be played by players.

I used to play this game a lot after work.


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