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New Briefing Icons based on current MVPs


So, one day I just sat down and decided to redo the briefing icons.

I have done icons for almost every (big) ship in the game, so I'll just list here what I did not yet redo, and why.

Icons missing/supplemented by FS1 or FS2 briefing icons:

-Knossos (cannot redo it with my current method)
-GTI Ganymede (cannot redo it with my current method)
-TC-TRI (supplemented by Generic Cargo)
-PVFr Ma'at (supplemented by GVFr Bes)
-SFr Dis (cannot redo it with my current method)
-Escape Pods (supplemented by FS2 icons, probably)
-Asteroids (supplemented by FS1 or FS2 icons, your preference)

However, I also added some icons for non-retail ships (you'd have to modify your table files yourself to add them).
These are:

-GTI Asteria
-GTI Ceres
-GTCv Chimera
-GTCv Diomedes
-GVCv Udjat
-GTSC Neith
-SSG Erebos

The two table files provided can be used separately, but work best together (for FS2 campaigns).

Edit: added new icons for fighters/bombers and their wings


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