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[WIP/technical demo] Aeolus CSC campaign
Hello all,

I have been working on a small campaign wherein the player flies an Aeolus Cruiser. Using the BP CSC script as reworked by Dragon as a jumping off point, I have added several features (and removed basically all the existing ones) to create an alternate CSC interface, dependent on quite a bit of fs2 script. My lua is poor, and my files a bit of a mess, but things seem to work on my machine. Perhaps I will tidy up but I would rather work on the campaign first.

My goal is to present the player with an Aeolus Control Interface which offers enough options and things to do to make the game interesting, while still closely approximating a relatively ordinary Aeolus Cruiser as seen during the main FS2 campaign.

If you give it a shot, note that it depends on a relatively recent version of the media VPs (for aeolus model), and that the existing dialog is not reliable, for it was written before I finished and then I realized I should finish before writing a tutorial haha. You get a few waves of drones, cargo containers to shoot, and an optional  serious attack just to see what its like.

Features Player Controls:
Primary and secondary weapons keys control port and starboard primary beams respectively at your current target.
$1$ toggles TACCON, an approximate ETS equivalent. Four taccon options exist: normal, artillery, maneuver, and damage control, each changing some variables related to ship operation. I envision transition between these modes to require some crew movement and adjustment, so toggle is not immediate, and the ship is vulnerable between modes.
$2$ toggles BRACE. When braced, the ship armor class increases, primary beam power is made available as afterburner energy, and flak reload is prohibited.
$3$ instructs turret gunners who can to fire at your current target. This helps to destroy individual bombers more quickly, for example.

HUD Elements:
Subsystem status monitor, conveying positional information for each turret along with a health indication on the spectrum from green to red. Destroyed systems are greyed out. Includes additional status info for empty flak guns and primary beam recharge.
Condition readouts for TACCON and REDCON (the latter I imagine as a readyness condition which only will matter if you are i.e. ambushed by surprise and isnt fully implemented on backend), as well as BRACE.
Warpdrive status readout, which presently has no logic.

Backend features:
several custom SEXPs
Flak ammunition control. The ship has a collection of Magazines of a specified size, which are given individually to each flak turret, permitting situations where the dorsal turrets are expended but ventral ones still firing. reload can be prevented via sexp, and ammo can be reloaded via sexpvariable

Possible things to add:
more sophisticated damage control, presently the system is very simple
'Incoming jump signature' indicator

If anyone is willing to test, I shall be quite happy to hear comments/suggestions/bug reports.
(this is my first post here I hope I've done the attachments right)


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Re: [WIP/technical demo] Aeolus CSC campaign

This is great to see!  And this definitely deserves more eyes.  Highlighted. :yes:

Re: [WIP/technical demo] Aeolus CSC campaign
Thanks for the welcome, and the highlight. Now I suppose I had better get to banging out the campaign.


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Re: [WIP/technical demo] Aeolus CSC campaign
I can absolutely help you test it. Are you on HLP discord?
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Re: [WIP/technical demo] Aeolus CSC campaign
Are you on HLP discord?
I am now, username blob or hurledblob, I don't really know how discord works, IRC is more my style haha. At this moment the attached demo is the only mission file I have in a state where comment would be especially useful.