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Hi res fs1 ships vp?

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New hi poly one doesn't seem far off thanks to Vasudan Admiral, keep your eyes on this cause if he finishes all these fighters than the number of high-poly fs1 fighters will get quite a bit higher.,44840.0.html

Trivial Psychic:
Versions of Angel and Valkyrie with cockpits are in INF:A, which are quite easily transfered to FSPort.


--- Quote from: ShivanSpS on January 31, 2007, 08:43:23 pm ---Well, the Angel and the Valkyrie is not a hi-poly, is just new textures...

--- End quote ---
The standalone version of Inferno: Alliance has a HTL Angel scout.

yes, though the dl links are hard to find.  In the old angel and valkarie textures thread, The valkarie texture link dosen't work.
It would be best if things like this could be put somewhere that is easy for new people to find an enjoy, rather then get lost on ancient threads.  Also the apollo htl vp has just been updated with working red glows.  And i think the athena has been updated several times.  So huggybaby your dl link of the entire port with the new fs1 shipvps  is also out of date.

high res models would be nice...but I dont wanna download nearly 340 megs....I own a copy of the original FS1 so I can get the bulk of the necessities from there....

Ah.....somehow the thought of playing FS1 again (using the port since the FS2 engine makes it look so much better...though the feeling of playing the original after playing FS2 so long is kinda like playing DIABLO after playing DIABLO 2....that refreshing OLD feeling). Unfortunately I nearly wore those discs out...LOTS of fine scratches on them. So playing the original would have to do. PLEASE dont tell me I gotta dl the 340 megs to get higher poly ships. Stuff that big is the bane of dial up.


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