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I'd sticky this.  1 and 2 are VERY common problems to FS2 Open.

Done for now :) But I think I'm going to take a look at un-stickying one of two of the stickies in the next day or so.

@jr2: You should PM kalfireth about putting this in the "read me before posting" thread in the FSO support forum.

Locutus of Borg:
I downloaded the mods,. how do I get them integrated into FS2?


--- Quote from: that thing I made and is in a stickied thread for all to see and easily access on the FSO support board. ---Mod Installation: Playing mods with FSO is very simple. Put all of the mod contents into it's own folder inside the main FS folder (just like you did with the Media VPs, except a different name). Now, create a text file in that folder using notepad. Copy and paste this into it:

--- Code: ---
image255x112 = ;
infotext     = This is a Freespace Modifacation ;
website      = ;
forum        =;

secondrylist = ,mediavps;

--- End code ---

Save it as "mod.ini". Make sure it saves as an ini file!! There! Now you can use your mods and the Media VPs at the same time.

--- End quote ---


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