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Um, I don't see it listed but do you,  :( Please say yes  :( , need testers, .tbl coders / testers, FRED2 peeps, or anything some one with little artistic talent can do?  Also I have a conversion formula for XWA stats to Free Space 2 Stats :cool: !!

PS: I have tons reference material that I can scavenge stuff from.

Sorry but I don't think someone with that skill set is going to be very productive for us at the moment.  Feel free to drop by IRC and just hang out though.  Sometimes people just tend to grow on us :)

- edited to prevent becoming a nuisance

sorry guys. happy moods...

List has been recently updated, bumping to get it noticed :)

Hello, I have sent two inquiries now for the composer and sound engineer position to brandx0 (I couldn't find chief1983's email address).  I fear that my messages may have been swallowed by spam filters.  Would you like me to resend the original message?


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