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2010-12-12 - Music for Diaspora

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My name is Phil, i'm a french composer, and i'm making music for Diaspora.
I wrote this article under the guidance of karajorma, (and with the help of Shade), to talk about my work within the team.

By chance, I contacted Diaspora's team  in summer 2010, and they immediately put me to the test (I'm not the first one who wants to participate in this great adventure). At that point, I didn't know much about the music of Battlestar Galactica, or about the series itself. But the work of the team is so fabulous, i wanted to give it a try, and I eventually made some pieces which were accepted by the team. Over time, I discovered the wonderful music of Bear McCreary and Richard Gibbs, and attempted to recreate the same sound. The list currently numbers about 30 pieces, and should keep growing over the coming months.

Requests from the team often refer to an existing piece (McCreary or Gibbs). So I take the time to analyze, think, test... and attempt to do pieces that remain faithful to the music which so many people already know and want in the game. I work in my home studio, mainly using sound banks from EWQL (SD2 as RA), Cinesamples and Tonehammer. Much of the work is percussive, or ethnic, but often I also have to transcribe this feeling of open spaces in the background, something people would expect to encounter. There are also some very musical parts (like the famous "Prelude To War") that I'm transcribing my way (actually, I don't know if it will be used, but i really enjoyed this exercise). In short, these are ongoing and rewarding challenges.

To conclude, it is really a great pleasure to discover the music of Battlestar Galactica and participate in this great adventure. I came in contact (briefly) with Bear and his percussionist MB Gordy (longer, thank you to him) because I wanted more information, including how (and which) drums were used in the soundtrack. Finally, I hope that all this work will satisfy even the most demanding of connoisseurs, and I thank the members of Diaspora (who have done a great job for several years) for their confidence. A highly anticipated game is underway!

Some exemples of music for Diaspora :

So Say We All !

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sound nice dude. great soundtracks!

Just want to clarify here that neither Karajorma or I actually helped write this. We simply helped translate it from French.

I REALLY appreciate your sample work. Many possibilities, many ambiances. Very good.   :yes:

BTW, as I am french too : Je vous souhaite bonne chance ! Et bienvenue sur HLP ! (I wished him the best luck and welcome on HLP)

BEar is awsome and prelude to war is 1 of my faves that and the remake of all along the watch towers awsome stuff im going to go have a listen to your stuff now :) im sure its good if this team are using your musical talents :)


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