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2011-10-07 - Okay, It's Not Really Our Work But We Had To Post This

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Those of you who follow developments with the SCP will have noticed that Valathil has been doing some very impressive work getting shadows to work in the FS2_Open Engine. A couple of days ago he released a test build which basically meant that production on Diaspora stopped for a few hours while we all decided to see what the game looked like in it.

Since the game looked really good, I told CooperHawkes (who usually makes our trailers these days) to grab some footage for the fans to see. So here you go.

Self Shadowing Test - Youtube link

Music : Diaspora Mission Briefing Track by PhRey.

Since Valathil isn't a member of the team this is really the work of the SCP being used to make us look good. But we figured that it's been a while since we showed off some eye candy, so we'd be forgiven for that. :p

Now we need to point out that this code is still very experimental so we can't promise it will be in R1. It generally takes quite a while to stabilise big new features to the level where they're ready for inclusion in a release build of the engine. As you might have noticed from earlier posts Diaspora is slowly inching closer to a release so it will be interesting to see whether this feature is done quickly enough for it to appear in R1.
 If not, it will be in a patch/R2 since it requires very little effort on our part to make sure it works with our game.

Amazing what the ol' engine can do :)

Could you post a link here to the relevant SCP thread, so some of the thankyous can be directed at those responsible? If you think they'd get a kick out of it and not find the Diaspora forumers annoying :p


That's the development thread. If you read it you can see the feature still needs a lot of work.

Shouldn't Diaspora be able to run on standard nightlies/SCP releases? From what I've seen, most Diaspora-related coding goes into trunk anyway, so I don't see why builds used by Diaspora would be any different from normal. Patch might be necessary only for easy access, currently, enabling shadows don't require any alterations to anything on the modder side.

Yep, but for most people, a patch would be preferable to simply downloading a nightly build when they barely understand the terminology.


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