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Several users have been reporting issues with joystick detection in-game. To fix it, try this, go to Control Panel -> Game Controllers. Select "Advanced" and set your controller as the preferred device.

You should also check that your joystick has been successfully by the launcher on the Basic Settings tab.

All Platforms

Diaspora Mission Editor

If #Weak weapons are enabled in player loadout it will crash your mission. These weapons are meant for AI use, not players.
Note: Fixed pending patch 1


Cylon Raiders and Advanced Raiders will currently crash the game for the player. (also will crash first person view from a raider in singleplayer)
Cylon Heavy Raiders are playable.
Note: Fixed pending patch 1

I'd like to add this here rather than starting a new thread.

- before reporting a graphics issue, please make sure you have the latest graphics card drivers installed. If you don't, update them and check if the issue is resolved before reporting a problem.

- if your issue is persistent, when posting about it please include your configuration info: CPU, amount of RAM, graphics card, and OS version at least.

Just downloaded the game and patch for windows7.
Set the launcher for Run as Standalone Server
Now that the server is running how do I enter the server I created to play with my mates?

I mean I select to log into the FS2net2 server set, there I select the mod I am using and I see the server but I see no where to click that will allow me ot enter the server nor to place in the set password for server entry.

So I can see the server running in FS2net2 but see no way of entering the game from that point.

Iago Santaniello:
I have just built the game for Linux, and I started it up. However, it crashed when I selected my pilot. If I use the launcher it says: Freespace 2 open exited with a status of -1
If I use the terminal it says:

ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Which Linux distribution have you used (I.e. Ubuntu 12.04)?


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