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UI: Unclear where to enter login information

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Just a quick suggestion about entering the login, password and squadron details in the PXO section of the Multi screen in Options.  Perhaps a small change to the UI to indicate where exactly in the UI you need to click to enter the text.  It took me quite a while of randomly clicking around in that area before the cursor showed up, and it's quite a small section to enter the details in.  And being just a blank section, there are no indicators that that is where you need to enter the information, as there are the boxes to the right of each heading which seem like that is where the information has to go.

I would agree with part about the login information.  There looks to be small boxes where the information should go, but they are just background graphics where the username/password fields go below that.  Had to explain that to a few people tonight over TS. 

Yeah that's the issue I had, those background boxes look like the input boxes, where the actual input boxes are just empty space.

I had to click off to the right of where the text would have gone, took some searching to find it, kind of like playing treasure island or something  lol

Patch 1 currently resolves this issue. Patch 1.1 will also resolve chat room graphics issues.


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