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Viper MKVIIE crashing on first load

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This was something we noticed last night in the second round of playing and as more people signed up was the first time someone went into a DF or TvT match and a Mark 7e was selected by anyone in the match, they would crash.  After reloading, the next time the MKVIIE was selected by a player everything loads just fine.  But it seemed to happen to every single person the first time the craft was loaded. 

I'll add to this it seems like a lot of people are crashing the first time they load a ship to fly it other than the Viper MKVII.  After they crash and reload they can then select the ship and it loads fine.  Just something I'm noticing consistantly.

So it seems that switching from whatever is the default ship for the mission is causing a crash, right?

Oddly enough it's as if the first time a model is loaded for multiplayer other than the default craft it crashes.  Once the model has been loaded once for multiplayer everything is just fine from that point forward. 

Cooper had a suggestion. Can you please check if there is anything in your Diaspora/Data/Cache folder please. It should be empty. If it's not, take a snapshot of what's in there, delete it and see if the crashes start happening again.


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