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Feedback: lag makes it near-impossible to kill host


Me and a friend have been giving the multiplayer a go, but whoever hosts is pretty much invulnerable as his bullets hit where he is aiming, but the other guy's bullets consitentley miss, presumably due to lag (not large lag, only about 50ms). Is there a way we can fix this, or is it WIP?

The best solution is to get someone else to put up a standalone server as that means that everyone has the same issue. Unfortunately at the moment the standalone isn't working perfectly. We're trying to get that fixed for the next patch.

Beyond that though will require large changes to the netcode which we are unable to do at the moment since we don't have a dedicated net coder.

I host a lot of games and people seem to be able to kill me just fine.  In fact there are time it seems like I've had more trouble hitting their ships jumping around than they do hitting me. 

On a side note, what is going to be required to host a standalone server?  I have a windows 7 pro 32 bit machine that's collecting dust (originally a point of sale terminal back when I owned a company developing such software).  I believe it's specs is a Core2Duo 2.8Ghz with 2GB of ram.  It's crappy intel graphics, but that shouldn't matter if it's running the server. 

Anything which can host a multiplayer game can host a standalone server. The requirements are actually lower (cause it doesn't need to render graphics or anything).


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