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2012-12-25 - Battlestar Valkyrie

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It's been a while since the release of Shattered Armistice, so it's time to show off the Battlestar type that will carry the next release. Valkyrie types are much smaller than battlestars like the Galactica, Pegasus, or even a Sobek class - but what she lacks in tonnage she makes up for in style :)

The ship is fully modeled and textured by yours truly, it is missing some features to call it complete though; she still needs things like LODs, debris, destroyable subsystems, nameplates (the one in the campaign will be called the Callisto, not the Valkyrie) and we haven't even begun to properly balance her out yet. But she's somewhat functional and in the game, so we can show her off in action against a Cylon Basestar. All shots are from the game, enjoy and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

The Valkyrie is one of the best looking battlestar designs (canon or otherwise), and you've more than done it justice.  The model looks incredible.

Jealous of your abilities, I am.

Sexy. Sadly when we see the Valkyrie and her sisters, they're almost like the redshirts of battlestars.

This does the girl and her sisters some justice :D

It beats even Steve-O, and he is my numer One on HLP. It's almost real.

PS: Could you make screens with shadoes_deferred_and_stuff build?

Luis Dias:
oh my its full of stars...


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