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2014-03-28 - Shuttle MK II


Here on the Diaspora team we're always happy to recruit new members. We usually set our new members the task of making something we don't need for the next release but which would be nice to have. The task shows that the user is committed to working on Diaspora and gives them a chance to show off their talent before we let them join. So when Jammer asked to join the team we asked for the MK II Shuttle. So without further comment, I'll turn things over to Jammer to explain the process and show off the results.



Atmospheric shuttles are small vessels employed by the Colonials for various transport duties.
The MKI variant has already been released in 'Shattered Armistice'.


Normal mapping is a technique used to transfer high resolution geometry detail onto a low resolution mesh.
A high resolution mesh of the shuttle was made in conjunction with the low resolution version.
Additional textures, LODs, debris, subsystems, docking points, lights and changeable registration plates were then added to the asset.
Below are some in-game screenshots of the MKII shuttle in action.

Phantom Hoover:
It's an excellent model, but it suffers a lot from the 'specular plastic' effect on most of its smooth surfaces. Is that something you can fix with texture magic or whatever?


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