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Freespace 2 fso white screen

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I have the gog version of FS2 and framerate is terrible so i decided to use Fso.
The thing is, all i have is a pure white screen when i start a mission with "fs2_open_3_7_4_SSE2". Game continues, i can see the subtitles, cockpit displays but i can't see anything.
I use an XP, and my older computer, which was even more primitive than the one i am using right now worked fine. Only difference is, the one i am using right now has an old nvidia 3dfx card. (Previous one, didn't even had one)

Any help would be appreciated.

P.s: I only have this problem during the missions. Menus and briefings are fine.

Colonol Dekker:
Whats your hardware setup?

Windows XP pro 2002 service pack 3
Pentium 4 3.00 GHz 3.01 GHz, 3.00 GB RAm
Nvidia Geforce 6200

The internet claims that card should support the opengl version that 3.7.4 required, so that's probably not a problem. That version introduced deferred shading, so you may try using -no_deferred in case it was an issue with that new feature.

I'm not sure I can provide very much help with a 7 year old version beyond that, I'm afraid. Perhaps someone else can.

Then perhaps someone can give me some pointers.
Considering my terrible hardware, What kind of knossos mods, tweaks should i use?
I don't really care too much about graphics but frame rate drop in gog version makes the game unplayable.


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