Author Topic: Asset Release: GTG Bromios and PVG Oasis  (Read 4375 times)

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Asset Release: GTG Bromios and PVG Oasis
Greetings HLP

As the team slowly coax the long-sleeping beast of TVWP out of its bed, we've been gathering the models made for our project over the years, among them two Gas miners; the Terran Bromios you will recall from Unification War, and its yet-to-see-limelight Vasudan equivalent the Oasis. We've decided to release them into the community for use in projects; they are old models (and may not be our final versions of them; if they are updated at any point we will re-release), but as the (to my knowledge) only Pre-FS/FS1-era gas miners they fill a niche we hope many projects will find useful.

All the needed files (and a few extra model files for those interested in modifying the two models) can be found in the release pack on FSMods.

Happy modding
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Re: Asset Release: GTG Bromios and PVG Oasis
That's an interesting palette for vasudans.
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Re: Asset Release: GTG Bromios and PVG Oasis
I remember someone wanted the Oasis. Good to have this model released. I like her extraordinary design focused on the mining device.
Would be great to see her HTL in Oddgrim style :D

BTW. Are You going to release anything else? I've heard about Taristin's HTLs of some of Your ships like HTL Saggitarius I re-released. I'd like to see them.
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Re: Asset Release: GTG Bromios and PVG Oasis
Bromios has been in the Wiki for quite some time.
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