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Tombaugh Station Mission

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Trivial Psychic:
Howdy All:

I'm sure someone has done this already, but I've decided to FRED myself a single mission in which the player is witness to the Lucifer's attack on Tombaugh Station.  Now, some of you may have read the FS reference bible, and read the description for the planned cutscene involving this incident, concieved before the finalization of FS1.  This description includes an event where the Lucifer's arrival causes an energy dampening effect which disables all allied craft.  Since this effect was not mentioned anywhere in the accounts of the Tombaugh Station incident, and the fact that no evidence was seen in any other engagement with the Lucifer, I'm inclined to leave it out.

The mission is far from completed, but it could be ready in a few weeks... if work doesn't get too demanding in that time.

The player will be flying for the Vasudans.


Trivial Psychic:
Well, its been over 2 months since I posted that, and after problems of a failing joystick, Xmas rush at work (I work retail), problems with FS_Open stability on my system, the completion of certain pilots, and a complete restart of the mission from scratch a couple of weeks ago, I'm finally nearing the end of this mission's creation.  In fact, depending on how my latest revisions work, it may already be considered done... at lest the best I can do with the current build of FS_Open... (waiting for 3.6, change-alt-name sexp, and fix to dockswapping... watch the Chronos... before I release v1.1 of this mission)

This mission will include an updated version of the 2.2c ships.tbl file, to fix some minor problems with the Amun, and some improvised glow & shinemaps for the Port's Leviathan.

The mission REQUIRES an installed version of the Port (v2.1 should do it, but I reccomend 2.2c myself), FS_open (and as always I reccomend a build no older than 2004/01/20_r), and I've even used some of the FS1 animations in my command briefing, so if you've got 'em installed, enjoy.

All things being equal, I should have it finished to an acceptable status by tomorrow night.


Cool.  I look forward to it. :)

I may as well upload 2.2d, to fix problems with the Amun and to correct a few missions.  Look for it tomorrow or shortly after.

Trivial Psychic:
Cool.  I may postpone to ensure compatability with 2.2d.  Will it include glowmaps?  If yes, would you like the improvised glowmaps (& possibly the shinemaps) I made for the Leviathan?  I basically just renamed the files to match the different pof name of the Port Leviathan, and took the glow for the red dot and altered the color ballance to match (as closely as I could get) to the blue dot on the Leviathan.


There's no change in the glowmaps, but if you have new ones for the Leviathan, we might be interested. :)


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